The Met Gala Showed Fashion Survived the Pandemic, Insanity Intact squib

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos Getty

The Met Gala staged its in-person return with predictable wow moments, and predictable I-hope-the-stylist-remembered-to-tape-that-strap-firmly moments. The theme was the lexicon of American fashion, per the Met's big new exhibit. Some people read the invite, some people thought about it, some people addressed it intelligently, others playfully, and others just dressed up and down for the sheer hell of it.

There is certainly a lot of skin on display at the Met this muggy Monday night, barely encased in some very beautiful clothes. Cara Delevingne let her pantsuit top do the talking: it read “Peg the Patriarchy.” And then there is Kim Kardashian West, who arrived in New York a few days ago in what looked like a bondage mask.

Tonight—after Lil Nas X had performed a fabulous costume change medley, and Iman showed the meaning of dressing up to anyone who thought something sparkly would suffice—Kim K had to be guided up the steps, all in black head to toe. Maybe this will catch on, and we will soon be wandering the streets not only in masks but utterly encased. Slits for eyes for seeing, slits for noses for breathing, and slits for mouths for eating will be seen as strictly for wimps. What fun we shall have.

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