Hannity Gets Defensive After Damning Texts Revealed squib

via Fox

Sean Hannity once again made it clear to viewers on his Friday night broadcast that he is no journalist. In his own words, he is a “talk show host” who is upfront about his political loyalties.

It might not be coincidental that the Fox News anchor took the time to justify how he goes about his job the same day CNN reported on text conversations Hannity had after the 2020 presidential election with Mark Meadows, then-president Donald Trump’s chief of staff.

The messages, including those in a similar batch revealed by CNN last week, are damning. They depict Hannity as taking on the role not unlike that of a GOP operative, namely taking direction from Meadows about Election Day get-out-the-vote initiatives to broadcast on his afternoon radio show, having his “team digging into the numbers” to try to prove the existence of widespread voter fraud, and even writing a campaign ad for Trump’s re-election bid.

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