Busy Philipps Responds to Instagram User Who Says Her Moles Were Photoshopped on Health Cover squib

Busy Philipps is always open and honest when it comes to beauty. She shares her skincare woes, insecurities and more. So when an Instagram user thought her moles were airbrushed out of her new Health cover, Philipps cleared the air right away.

One commenter on Philipps photo called the cover “absolutely gorgeous” adding, “I just wish they didn’t photoshop out all the beautiful beauty marks that make you, you.”

“They didn’t and actually that was discussed,” she wrote in a comment on an Instagram of her cover shot. “The light was super bright which is why they look less dark, but they did NOT airbrush off my moles. Promise you. I can show you the pics from the monitor at the shoot — it’s truly just the bright light making them a little lighter.”

Last year she opened up about her moles in an Instagram selfie showing them off and recalled a story when the network of a TV show she was working on asked her to cover up all of her moles.

“I once got a TV show and apparently the network told the producers to have makeup COVER ALL MY MOLES,” she wrote. “Do you know that 1. That’s literally almost impossible? 2. Moles covered with makeup look WAY weirder than when they’re natural? 3. It’s super insulting cause it’s basically like saying, ‘we ALMOST think you’re pretty, if you just got rid of this major part of what you look like.'”

She eventually filmed without covering them up after attempting for a few days but it made her realize her moles are what make her herself. “Occasionally on here people say they hate them or they’re ugly or I should have them removed and it’s so weird to me. Without them, I think I’d look kind of plain and boring. (And yes. Of course I get them checked!)”

When Philipps stopped by the People office for a recent interview, she took us inside her Instagram and was moved to tears when talking about people wanting to airbrush her moles when she first started out.

“Early on in my career, anytime I would do a photo shoot they would airbrush all of my moles off and it was something that really messed with my self-esteem, and really made me feel terrible as a young actress working in this business,” she shared.

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In her new Health cover story (which hits newsstands June 15), she opens up about the benefits of working out seven days a week and why she doesn’t weigh herself anymore.

“For me, getting the endorphins and the sweat every morning is part of what I think helps me keep in check,” she told Health.

And to keep her anxiety in check, that means staying away from the scale. “I stopped weighing myself almost two years ago, because I noticed that it was giving me anxiety and really affecting my mood,” she said. “If you are somebody who wants to make a life change and that scale gets you the motivation of, like, ‘Yes, I got down two lbs. this week!’ I for sure get that. But for me, just being stable in my body has helped me a lot.”

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