Group to tout bleach-based ‘miracle cure’ at upstate New York 'seminar' squib

Attendants could be given the powerful bleach, just days after FDA put out its strongest warning about the ‘miracle mineral solution’

Advocates of a “medicine” called MMS will gather in a hotel in upstate New York on Saturday to promote what they claim to be a miracle cure for cancer that is in fact a powerful bleach that can cause serious harm and even death.

The self-proclaimed “Genesis II Church of Health and Healing” – a group that in reality is neither a church nor a medical outfit – plans to lure supporters and unsuspecting individuals to a “seminar” at the Marienthal Country Inn in Eden, New York. It is charging $450 per person, or $800 for a couple, for the privilege of being inculcated over two days into the false promises of its remedy, “miracle mineral solution” or MMS.

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