KeepSolid VPN on sale, get a 2-year subscription for 90% off squib


TL;DR: Get a two-year subscription to KeepSolid for $59.99. It's typically $603.42 so you'll save 90%. 

Maybe this sounds overdramatic, but if you aren’t using a VPN service, you really should drop what you’re doing and invest in one now. They’re not just a helpful loophole if you want to stream Netflix shows available in your home country while you’re traveling abroad, although they’re great for that. VPN services help protect your identity and personal data, especially if you’re browsing on an unprotected network, (i.e., when you’re mooching off of the free WiFi at your local Starbucks). All in all, they help keep hackers at bay and far, far away from your private information.  Read more...

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