Defeating the HIV epidemic is more about politics than science squib

Preventive drugs should be widely accessible, but corporate power has left Americans – especially those of color – in grave danger

Across the United States, a renewed grassroots movement is fighting to fundamentally change the rules of healthcare. We have the opportunity to achieve universal healthcare and defend the right of all people to be healthy. But we will not win if we see this only as a fight over policy – we must also tackle corporate power. We must end corporate control of our health, especially when it comes to who gets care and who is left to die. And as with all progress that depends on breaking the rules and norms that enable corporations to profit from our pain, racial justice is an essential strategy for winning real change.

That couldn’t be clearer than in the case of HIV/Aids in America. If we cannot prevent corporate control over our government, and prevent corporate profiteering, we will never prevent HIV/Aids or end the epidemic that kills millions.

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