29 Useful Kitchen Items You Should Own, If You Don't Already squib

Cooking, meal-prepping, cleaning . . . kitchen work can be stressful and feeling like you have an extra hand around to help out is always nice. For when you don't actually have someone there to help you, turning to handy products and gadgets can make a huge difference. If you're sold on this idea but not quite sure how to shop it, not to worry, as we did it for you. We scoured the internet and went on a mission to uncover the best and smartest tools anyone could ever want around the kitchen.

These 29 finds aren't just favorites that we think are cool, but a majority of them are top-rated picks that reviewers just can't stop raving about. Whether you're looking for a slow cooker that'll basically make diner for you or just an easier way to squeeze your lemons, we've got you covered. Keep reading to shop them all and snag the ones your life is missing.

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