Seth Meyers: ABC Town Hall Proves Trump in ‘Cognitive Decline,’ Not Biden squib


Seth Meyers found it “so cathartic” to see regular voters “put Trump in his place” during this week’s ABC Town Hall, especially because at this point it’s become exceedingly rare.

“That’s what happens when Trump steps outside his right-wing media bubble,” the Late Night host said. “Most of the time he surrounds himself with sycophants and yes men. So he’s rarely treated like the idiot blowhard he is.” For instance, instead of interrupting him when he “calls into Fox & Friends and rambles for an hour,” Meyers said, “the hosts just sit there, staring blankly into the camera like they’re posing for passport photos.” 

It was during Trump’s latest appearance on that show that he attempted to push the baseless conspiracy theory that his rival Joe Biden is taking some sort of performance-enhancing drugs. 

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